Kimberley River Socks was started more or less to help circulate our stocks of High Quality yarns, we supply to the Fashion and Craft Industries. To this end we decided the No 1 priority should be comfort of the user. We do not sell direct to retail, only through the Internet and from our Factory Shop.

All Kimberley River Socks before going into production are thoroughly tested by people whose Job/Lifestyle they were aimed at, once the Sock has meet the requirements of the users, it's only then that we go into production. All our socks are proudly made in New Zealand.

We believe that testing the sock in the environment that it’s to be used whether it is in the Rugged outdoors or in a Casual/Office environment is essential to meet our customer’s requirements.
It's our belief all Customer feedback is good, even if it comes in the form of a complaint. No one can expect to improve their product if they are not willing to listen to there customer base. So please if you have any suggestions/complaints do not hesitate to contact us.

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New payment options

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