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Sick of buying socks that hole out in a week or two?
Feet taking a Pounding? Playing Bowls, Tennis, Squash, Cricket, or just plain regular walking, then try our White Active Sock. With Super Thick Cushion Foot, to give you the longer lasting wear with the added benefit of all day comfort of the Thick Cushioning on the Soles of your feet. Wear them up as a Long Crew or rolled/pushed down for those with tightness issues.
Made in New Zealand from the Finest Natural Combed Cotton.
If you need that extra bit of cushioning on your feet then these are the ones for you, we used as much Natural Fibre in this Sock as we could, this Sock will not send the sweat onto your foot or send it into your shoe causing your stitching to rot, these socks will absorb perspiration and keep you foot nice and dry For Maximum Performance we recommend Warm or Cold Wash and Warm Tumble Dry, so you get that extra soft feeling without affecting wear.
Alternatively if you do not want to Warm Wash then Warm tumble dry every time, then after every 4 or so regular Cold Wash Line Dries, throw then in for a Warm Tumble Dry to Fluff them back up. Natural Fibres offer many health benefits they just need that little bit of extra care to get those benefits This Sock offers supreme comfort in Hot and dry conditions and due to its absorbency is not suited to damp wet conditions, unless for instance in a sport situation you are wearing water resistant shoes.

Size + Colour White Ladies 4-8
Size + Colour White Men's 11-14+

87% Combed Cotton
10% Nylon
3% Spandex

Uses a Natural Combed Cotton
Thick Cushion Foot