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We have used a high grade Merino Wool Blend Yarn to make a sock suitable for the tough hard working conditions, offering good warmth while being hard wearing.
All Kimberley River Socks before being offered for sale are tested by everyday blokes that work 24/7 in a variety of outdoor jobs, in all types of weather conditions. This is to prove our socks are good enough for their intended purpose.
For those with Larger Calves/Tightness issues, this Sock at the very top has 4 Strands of Black or White Elastic, this can be Cut and Pulled out, and this will not affect the way they wear in any way. Stretch open the very top of the sock and use the end of a pen to pick up the 4 strands of elastic (Note: under a good Light). We often cut the Elastic for people who suffer Diabetes and cannot have a Firm fitting Sock for Winter.

Merino Wool Blend High Grade
Adjustable Elastic top for those with bigger Calves

Washing Instructions
Cold Wash, Line Dry

Size Mens 6-10 & 10-14
Size ladies 3-7 and ladies 7-10

Men's sizes
56% Merino Wool
28% Acrylic
14% Nylon
2% Elastic

Charcoal  Marl
Charcoal Marl